Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Feeling so very anxious right how. Our mortgage broker lady called today with news on our approval, of course it happens to be the day that billy has gone back to work, ugh. So now I gotta be anxious, nervous all day. I want to be hopeful, but I try not to be, in case things don't work out I will be less upset if I didn't get myself all excited. Ya, that's how I think anyway, call my crazy lol. I'm going crazy with  waiting for him to get home. She was nice enough to give me her cell number so that he can call he tonight. Since by the time he gets home she is done work. Hopefully that is a sign of something good? Maybe.

On another note Diablo 3 came out at 12am yesterday! Me and my husband have been playing at every opportunity, and in fact I plan to do go do that when I finish this post haha. It's nap time here, so I will try to squeeze in a little bit of play time. I know this game is going to seriously effect all my other hobbies, which are mostly reading, crocheting and playing minecraft. Sadly, they will probably be in the backseat for a little bit thanks to Diablo. I am still trying to squeeze in as much reading and crocheting when I can though :). 

Today was a fun day, it's been pouring rain all day and I had to walk my son to pre-school. Billy's at work so that means we all had to go. But we made it fun! I dressed them in rain gear top to bottom and off we went. We jumped, well they jumped, in every single puddle along the way. Although the kids have all the gear for rain, mommy does not. But I still got plenty wet from standing beside them while the splashed away haha. Then we did it all over when it was time to go  pick Phoenix up in the afternoon. And they all said they had lots of fun, sometimes you just gotta go play in the rain :).

Well wish me luck! I'm crossing my fingers, but trying to remain nonchalant at the same time. no easy feat =P.


  1. Wow, I would be anxious too! and you had me rolling when you said that you are playing Diablo III and Minecraft. My daughter, who is a senior in HS, is addicted to Diablo III now. and my 13 year old son is so darn addicted to Minecraft that he donates money to get special items. lol

    1. Yes indeed, it made for a very long day. Now he's work week is going to seem so very long. We have to wait till his days off to go see a realtor.
      I hope your daughter is enjoying D3 as much as I am! It really is an awesome game. Minecraft is definitely very high on top of my favorite games list as well :D. I'm a kid at heart I guess haha, I have yet to grow out of my nerdiness, and I don't really want to haha.
      Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

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