Monday, May 21, 2012


The last little while has been really great here! The weather has been super beautiful, so sorry for the lack of posts! We have been literally living outside. It's been great, with the exception of yesterday. Ended up spending half the day in the hospital with my littlest boy. He got to close to his older brother who was wielding a stick, and well, it made contact with his eye. Phoenix felt soooo bad. River ended up with a scratch on his eye. We waited at the hospital for over 4 hours, only for him to get in there and be scared to death. The nurse wanted to take him and bundle him up so he couldn't move for a dye test they do. They dye the eye yellow so the cuts will show up better. Well my poor baby was death gripping me as the nurse tried to take him. We were both crying cause I just can't stand to see him so upset. But my brave boy toughed it out. I stood by and told him he was doing so great and mommy was right here. After it was done and mommy could hold him again, he cheered right up and even gave the doc a high five haha. So we just gotta give him some antibiotic drops in his eye twice a day to make sure it doesn't get infected as it heals. Only sad part is, I gotta take him back tomorrow to do the dye test again to see how it's healing up. Not looking forward to that, and I also hope they don't make us wait another 4+ hours. Sitting in a little room with very limited entertainment and a 2 year old boy? Not really a good time for either of us lol.

But aside from that, things have been really great. River is not letting his eye injury get him down. We've been soaking up the sun and been having tons and tons of fun. We are soooo ready for summer! We've been playing at the splash pad at the park and lots of ice cream and walks and playing on the swingset. Today was super awesome. We spent the morning on a nature walk through the trails here, then had a picnic lunch in this beautiful field right beside a river. Came home for a nap, then we went off to Nanny and Papa's. We had a BBQ and ate outside, had ice cream, had a water fight, and the kids had a blast helping Papa around the farm :).

My reading and crocheting has taken a big hit thanks to the beautiful weather and the release of Diablo3. I did make another Domo, but you've already seen one of them so I won't bother showing you. I gotta mail him off to my cousin in PEI tomorrow! I did buy a new book, I got Ascend, the third book in the Trylle Trilogy. I read the first two and really liked them so I'm looking forward to reading the 3rd and final one :). I also borrowed the first two books from the 50 Shades of Grey series from a friend. Very much looking forward to reading those after I finish the one I'm on now. So much controversy over those books, I just have to give them a read for myself!

I'd share some of our outdoor fun pictures with you, but I would end up sharing tons lol cause I love them all. Just know there is lots of sunshine and smiling faces. And everyone here is pretty happy right now. Even little River with his poor little eye. Wish us luck at the doc tomorrow!

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