Sunday, April 15, 2012


Today is my husbands 26th Birthday! <3 so super duper happy fantabulous birthday to him! <3 <3.

He unfortunately had to work a 12 hour shift today, but I hid a surprise for him in the fridge by his lunch. a little turtles cake with a happy birthday/love note :). While he was at work me and the kiddies made his favorite, chocolate chip banana muffins! The kids squealed and sang happy birthday as soon as he came in the door and drug him to his muffins. I couldn't find any matches...sooooo, I had to improvise a little =P.
Haha paper flames, my husband laughed at me, but he was happy! 
My littlest one helping mash the bananas :) 

Also, with help of encouragement from my friend Jenn, I joined this running program called c25k. Which is a 9 week program, that hopefully at the end of, has you running 5k. I seriously need to get it shape, so I thought this was an awesome free program that would help get my butt in gear! Today was an off running day, but I went for an hour walk after the kiddies were tucked in and billy(my husband) was entertained with his computer games =P. It was a beautiful evening, cool & warm at the same time. I did take one little picture on the way, of some sunset on the water. I thought it was pretty.

So that's a brief summary of my day today :). Game of Thrones starts in about 10 mins so I gotta go get ready for some serious watching haha. Tons of love for The Song of Fire and Ice series! I very much enjoy how true the show holds up to the books :).