Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New patterns :)

I  didn't get to make a post yesterday. As I  mentioned before the flu is running through my house so we've been quite busy! Things haven't been happening to much, the kids have mostly been laying around, being sick, drinking gatorade =P. But I do have some crafty things to share. I made a crochet sale yesterday, here's a picture of what I sold:

hehe, bunch of cuties! I just started selling my stuff, so I get really excited whenever anyone asks me to make them anything! I feel like, incredibly flattered when  I get compliments, makes me feel like a million bucks. But at the same time I feel like I don't deserve it because I feel like crocheting is so easy, and really anyone could probably do it. But I have a lot of fun doing it, so I'm really glad that some people are showing interest! I tried a couple of new patterns over the past couple days to. The first one I tried were adorable little finger-less gloves for little girls. And the second thing I tried was an awesome Bob-omb! Letting my geek flag fly :).

You can find the pattern for the gloves here.
Thanks to my wonderful daughter for being such an excellent hand model :)
You can find the pattern for the Bob-omb here.

So aside from that, there hasn't been a whole lot going on. The kids did show a little energy later this afternoon so we walked and went to the park for a bit. But before I go, I will share some pictures of my kiddies from the past couple days :).

here's my littlest one, sulking with the flu :(.

My girly, she LOVES to color, so while sick she just colored and cuddled mommy <3.

My two biggest, they are exactly a year and a day apart! They have done everything together forever and are super close! Everything I take them out I get asked if their twins lol <3. Yay for amazing sibling bonds!

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