Monday, April 16, 2012

Review- I Hate Hockey by Francois Barcelo

This book is FULL of surprises! Don't let the title deceive you! This is not a book all about Hockey. You do not need to be fan of or know anything about Hockey to really enjoy this book. I myself, I really really don't like sports =P, any of them really.

This book was a suuuper quick read! I only picked it up twice and it was done, Im sure I could have finished it in one go but I've got 3 kids lol so I read during nap and after they were in bed, took me like 2hours mayyybe, not even that I don't think.

the book spans like, 2 days I think. It's about a man named Antoine who hates hockey, mostly cause his father tried to get him to play when he was younger and he was horrible at it and his father made him feel like a failure because if it. Also, his ex-wife was a huuuge hockey fan. Because his ex-wife is the hockey fan that she is she insists that their son joins their towns hockey team, about 9 years down the line his hockey coach dies suddenly ( I won't spoil the details behind that) and Antoine is suckered into becoming the new coach because he is really the only one available at the time. Becoming the coach of his son's team leads him to make a lot of startling, shocking discoveries that will shock you the reader as well! I know more than once I was like...what!? =) The first discovery being that the now deceased coach was molesting his players..I won't spoil the rest of the suprises, you will have to read it to find out! and read it you should!

all in all a great book! and don't let the title discourage you, or lead you into thinking this is a book about Hockey, because essentially it is not. Antoine just blames all the bad in life on the sport and I can't say that I blame him. If I were him, I would hate Hockey to!

I gave it 4/5 stars!

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