Saturday, April 21, 2012

Review- Blockade Billy by Stephen King

This was a super duper quick read. the book actually had two stories in it, the second "bonus" story was called Morality and it really was about half the size of Blockade Billy, which was only 80 pages.

Blockade Billy is the story behind a remarkably good baseball player who was mysteriously and suddenly erased from the history of the game, along with his team members and any games he played in. No one really knows why but Stephen King finds a player from the team he was on and he gets the whole story. The story itself is a little chilling, as is to be expected of Stephen King. The character of William Blakey "Blockade Billy" definitely has questionable mental stability. There were parts where there was a lot of baseball lingo being thrown around, and at those parts I was a little lost, being that I don't know anything about baseball or any sports in general =P. But that is no fault of Stephen King's, who is an avid lover of the sport. The book was actually dedicated to all lovers of the sport.
Overall, though, it was a good, short read. If you were looking for something to pass the time or just a really quick read inbetween other books you should pick it up.

Also, the bonus story was also decently good :) and the title for it was very suiting, and the ending surprising but at the same time, not. It seemed like a story that could have been a lot longer if he wanted it to be, but then it wouldn't have been as good, it needed to be short to pack the right punch in my opinion.

all in all, Stephen King never disappoints :) enjoy!

I gave it 3/5 stars!

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