Sunday, April 29, 2012

Party day!

So today was the day of the party! It was such a wonderful day! We are all so thankful to everyone who came and celebrated the occasion with us :D. The kids had such a great time with all their family and friends, thanks to everyone for helping make their party incredible!

Phoenix was so excited to see his pre-school friends here at his house to play with him, they all had such a blast. It was our first time for him having his own little friends here, instead of just family and I think it went pretty well! Present time was a little hectic, they all wanted them to open their gifts to them at the same time haha. But once it all calmed down we got to enjoy all their presents one by one.  All in all, the day was a huge success! This mama is definitely super tired. A long morning of cleaning and decorating and setting up, then the super fun party, then re-cleaning, and we took the kids out for a ride on the new bikes we got them for their birthdays after supper :D. I think everyone in this house will sleep good tonight haha.

Today will definitely be  a day to treasure and remember, thanks again to everyone who helped make it so. Especially my mother and my good friend Sam <3, for all the help you gave me! It is so appreciated! Here's a little taste of our day :).
The table of treats I spent the entire day making yesterday, with the help of my awesome mother <3.

All the kiddies lined up for Pinata whacking!

Phoenix blowing out his candles <3

Rayne blowing out her candles <3

My birthday babies on their new bikes from Mommy, Daddy & River <3.

Taking the new bikes for a ride :)

River having a blast on the bike ride with Daddy <3

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