Saturday, April 21, 2012

Books & Flowers

Ugh, so I've been post-less again for a few days, for that I apologize. I actually spent a good part of my day in the hospital a few days ago. It turns out I have somehow injured my back, but no worries it already seems to be on the mend. I've been having to take less pills to deal with the  pain so I can only assume this is a good development haha. My little ones all got over the flu only for my husband to get it! Me and my oldest son Phoenix were the only ones not hovering over a toilet for a couple days.

 Yesterday was my Father-in-law's birthday, so there was a large incredibly delicious BBQ held in his honor last night. Nothing like ringing in the warmer weather with lots of BBQ'd food! Mmmmmm. Yes, in case you haven't noticed, April is THE birthday month around here haha. We've got my husband, two of our children, my husband's father, and one of my nephews! It's a busy month indeed! Speaking of the kids' birthdays, we got to do the shopping for that today and I cannot wait to see their faces at their party next weekend! We got them each a new bike, and they are going to be sooooo excited! I also got all my stuff for baking the goodies and cakes. I am attempting cake pops for the first time, wish me luck! I will definitely post photos, whether I fail or succeed haha. We are also trying a Pinata for the first time this year. We're hoping for nice weather the day of the party so we can beat it up outside. Seems like more fun that way :). Another first is this year Phoenix got to invite friends to his party. So far it's just been family members, and my friends kids that are his friends as well. But he just started pre-school this fall and has made some new friends. So we did up some invitations and gave them out at pre-school yesterday morning. I really hope that some of them can make it! He will be so happy to have them here!
On the topic of Phoenix and Pre-School, he surprised me by giving me a flower he picked just for me when I picked him up. I treasure those little things more than anything else! To know he thought of his mommy when he was out playing with his friends, and picked a flower just for me is enough to melt my heart!
I don't have any new crochet stuff to share, but I did buy a few books recently and I'd love to share those with you.

Deathless - Catherynne M. Valente
The Thirteen - Susie Moloney
The Calling - Kelley Armstrong

Getting new books always makes me so super duper happy. In fact, I bought Deathless just today, and I danced right in front of the clerk at the register and sang a little song about getting a new book. Ya, I have no shame. haha :). Anyway, that's me for tonight. Hope you are all well and fine! Thanks for reading my blurbs :)

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