Sunday, April 22, 2012

Getting back to normal + Yoda

Things finally seem to be getting back to normal around here! Kiddies and daddy are all over the flu, and my back seems to be almost mended as well. But let's hope I don't pull muscles in my back again anytime soon, that was a little to painful for my liking. Glad to be almost done with that! :). Yay for saying goodbye to sickness and pain!

Today was a rainy dreary day, so even though we all felt better, we didn't get to go outside and play :(. Instead we watched some movies, read lots of stories and played with toys. We went pretend grocery shopping. We made a grocery list by drawing all the items that we needed, and then we grabbed some shopping bags went shopping! Then, using our 'recipe book' we put our ingredients into a great big bowl, and with a giant wooden spoon each we made tons of different things. We pretended to make blueberry pie, mango pie, pizza, soup and more! I just love my kids' imaginations! They can turn anything into a world of fun :).

I also finished a crochet project I started last night. A friend of mine asked me to make them a Yoda for a father's day gift. Here's some  pics of the little guy:

hehe, he's pretty cute. I found the pattern on Ravelry, where I find most of my patterns =P. Here it is if you'd like to give him a try or add him to your faves for later:
The pattern for his jacket wasn't working for me at all. It just wasn't looking the way I wanted. So I improvised a little and got it the way I wanted. Now I have a couple extra little robes laying around haha. I'm sure I'll find a use for them eventually!

Billy returned to night shift tonight, which means I'm most likely in store for a rather sleepless night. So far my plans include reading, and watching Game of Thrones :). Hope you had a great day, and have a wonderful evening as well!

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