Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mario Theme?

So it's been a few days since I posted, sorry! I've been feeling extra tired lately and have been going to bed pretty early. As well was soaking up as much sunshine with the kids as possible, and planning for their party this weekend. It is drawing near and I am getting so excited, almost as excited as the kids! I'm also pretty nervous. I always get so anxious when the days get closer. I get paranoid over simple things, the food won't turn out, the cake won't turn out, people won't show, I won't get the house clean enough. Ya, I stress out a little to easy. Luckily I have my husband around to help keep me grounded<3. So aside from those things, not to much has been going on. I did crochet a few new things tho! :)
Ya, kind of got stuck on a mario theme haha. I got the pattern for the mushrooms and the bob-omb at WolfDreamer. The star pattern is from Shh! I'm Counting! 

I crocheted them all while re-watching The Guild. I forgot how funny it was :). I love that show haha. Anyway, it's pretty late here and I definitely need some sleep to prepare for the next couple days! G'night and see you again soon :).

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